Game plays best on... you guessed it a Genesis Gamepad!

Movement: WASD, Arrow Keys / Gamepad D-Pad

Shoot: J / Genesis Gamepad A / Xbox Controller B

Reload: I /Genesis Gamepad X / Xbox Controller Y

Switch Weapon: O / Genesis Gamepad Y /Xbox Controller X

Lock Rotation (For Strafe): K / Genesis Gamepad B / Xbox Controller A

Start: Enter / Gamepad Start


I've often wondered what it would be like to have my favorite games back when I was a little.  The glorious, sugar-infused 90's would were perfect, but could a game like Halo on the ol' Genesis make it even better?  

This game was an experiment to see what's even possible. 

We started out to make a REAL Genesis ROM, but because of time, decided to swap to Godot.  The first half of the week was spent trying to figure out how many colors and sprites were possible.  What kind of music and sounds could we have?   The great part about that is we ended up with a product that looks and feels very genuine, although admittedly there are things with Godot that you can fudge a lot easier than building a real ROM and we may have taken advantage of that, haha.

Of course with any jam, you wish there could be more.  Limiting the scope of such a great game series is a challenge in itself. 
We really wanted to be able to drive a Warthog or a ghost.  It'd be awesome to throw grenades.  A melee system would be sweet!  But time is always a factor.  We ended up with a very playable and enjoyable version of the most basic Halo mechanics... poppin aliens with the assault rifle and the trusty pistol.

I hope this little taste of the first experience landing on the ring brings you some joy!

100% of the art, music, and code was made in 7 Days DURING the Retro Jam.

PIXEL ART: CaseyScreamsBack
MUSIC:  j71S8

Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
Authorscaseyscreamsback, lopar
Tags2D, First-Person, halo, Pixel Art, Retro, Top down shooter


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add more stuff also love this game

Are you gonna update it. You should i love it

What did you use for the music

Download link?

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I LOVE this game. 

Edit: also, the pistol needs a buff. not as powerful as the original



Dear caseyscreamsback, lopar. 

We are interested in publish your game if you wish to support and let the world to know your art.
You can write to this account :

Best regards,

Sega Zone Team

A Download so we can Play this if we have have no Internet?


increible me encanta

This is amazing, always been a halo fan. The grunts are too op though, I'd work on that


Got stuck on one spot on the left side of the map but really enjoyed the game. I love top down shooters so was a lot of fun. 

to bad this aint a real sega genesis game


Was a lot of fun, loved the concept and art style! Only critique I had was either gun damage or enemy health felt a bit high, so it felt like you had to face tank a bunch of damage to fight. I think maybe seeing more enemies that were a bit easier to kill would improve it a lot for me!

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this is HARD but I love it. I never had a genesis back when I was a kid, we were a nintendo house, this is rad AF

You guys had some cool stuff going on. One thing I liked a lot was how the guns actually felt. Especially the assault rifle.